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Diamond Fury provides fun and addictive gameplay, entertainment for the whole family.

Since the beginning of the arcade machines, this game is the most played of the shooting games

Diamond Fury is a special Game that will help you pass the time in the best possible way

The game offers a beautiful design, as well as a great DiamondFury algorithm and cleverly created levels that are here to test all your skills and commitment to solving the puzzles. Thanks to its one of a kind concept, Diamond Fury manages to stand out of the crowd and offer the ultimate diamond shooting experience that you can find in the gaming world.

The control scheme in Diamond Fury is very similar to the one that you can find in many other shooting games, with tapping methods that you will certainly enjoy. You can even continue a game that you previously started without losing progress, so once you get into the game you are in for a treat. If you are a person that likes all shooting titles, then you definitely try this one right away!

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